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Every year, we organise at least five surfing weekendtrips where we go to our favourite camping 'De Heerlijkheid van Wolphaartsdijk' in Zeeland! From there you can go windsurfing, kitesurfing or even wakeboarding. Next to all the surfing that we will do, this weekend is full of enjoying each other's company, doing games together, BBQing, drinking beer, going out, and much more! During the weekend there is bread, beer, toppings and a BBQ.

Interested? Check the events page for any upcoming weekends, or check out what a weekend is like below:


17:00 Gather at “the WETH Hok” (next to the Hockey fields). Check in with the board and depart to Zeeland to the camping ‘De Heerlijkheid van Wolphaartsdijk’. (Muidenweg 10, 4471 NM, Wolphaartsdijk).

19.00 Pit stop at the Mac Donald’s to have some dinner. (Trivium 180, in Etten-Leur)

20:00 Arrival, setting up tents first. Play some cards in the shack, drink some beer, chat with all the excited people about surfing!


9:00 Breakfast! The hungriest person can start with preparing breakfast and can start eating.

9:45 Handing out wetsuits.

10:15 Grab your surfgear! The Rookies will have instruction, the rest can start preparing the surfsets.

18:30 BBQ!!

22:30 Partytime in Goes!


9:00 Breakfast! The most hungry person can start preparing the breakfast.

9:45 Take down tent

10:00 To the water!

12:00 BBQ! Leftovers from Saturday.

17:00 At the end of the afternoon we will head back to Eindhoven

21:00 Estimate time of arrival in Eindhoven


Extra information for our kitesurfers

For the ones with the lesson

The kitesurfing lessons will be held on the day with the best wind forecast. This can be either on Saturday or Sunday. Friday evening, you will hear on which day and at which time the lessons will be. We must travel to the kitesurf spot, so be prepared to leave early, like 09:00. So don’t forget to make your lunch this morning. The day without the lessons, you can follow the windsurfing program. If the lessons are on Sunday, you will have to grab your baggage early for we will not come back to the campsite. The kitesurf lessons are 150 euros.

Kiteleden / kitemembers

The kitemembers of WETH will go kitesurfing if the wind will provide it, else you can follow the windsurfing program. We will go with the lessoners to the spot on the day with the lessons and the other day we will go to a kitespot nearby. Be prepared to leave early and don’t forget to take your lunch.


Packing list

  • Cup, plate, cutlery
  • Tent (if you have one)
  • Camping chair (if you have a small one)
  • Sleeping bag + mattress + pillow
  • Warm clothes
  • Slippers
  • Wetsuit (if you have one)
  • Surf shoes (you are obligated to wear shoes, otherwise take old sneakers with you!!)
  • Swimming clothes
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Camera, music (speaker)
  • Your happy face!