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We are E.S.W.V. WETH, the surfing association in Eindhoven! E.S.W.V. WETH stands for Eindhoven Student Windsurfing Association Windsurfing Eindhoven Technical University (or “Eindhoven Studenten Wind- en Kitesurf Verenging, Windsurfen Eindhoven Technische Hogeschool“ in Dutch). 

What do we do? Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Wakeboarding! That’s not all, we are also very good at BBQing, doing drinks, going on weekend trips, socializing, chilling, winter activities like snowboarding, ice skating, winter BBQing and so on. 

Interested? Check out the video below!

Last but not least, we don’t bite! So if you’re interested, you are very welcome to join us on a Borrel, surfing weekend or introduction course! You can contact us via Mail or Instagram and we will respond to you asap.

Hang Loose,


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Is it possible to wind- and/or kitesurf in Eindhoven?

Yes, if there is enough wind we have water nearby where we do the intro courses for windsurfing. However, for the real thing and for kitesurfing, we set off to the sea or the bigger lakes, such as Brouwersdam, Grevelingen or Horst.

  • Is wind- or kitesurfing expensive?

Normally, yes. However not at all when you join WETH. Our wind- and kitesurfing material is free to rent once you are a member. This makes it much cheaper to use compared to renting your own. Interested in the membership prices? Check them out here.

  • Do you have to be experienced in (kite- or wind)surfing to join?

No, absolutely not! Our association is open for beginners, advanced and pro-surfers. For beginners, we organize intro courses where you learn the basics, and as soon as there is wind, the Whatsapp groups get spammed with the question who’s joining for a ride to the wind and the water! Rides are taken care of and as a member, you can always take the surf trailer with you for all your gear.

  • Do I have to have my own surfing gear?

No! We have all sorts of materials that are free for members to lend. We have gear for all sorts of weather and level. And if you want to rely on your own gear because you already have everything you need, you can join the association for a discount!

We do recommend buying your own personal wetsuit, as a well-fitting wetsuit makes a big difference in heat. However, you are free to try out our wetsuit as well of course.

  • Does the association provide storage for my own surfing gear?

Yes, we do for windsurfing gear! Thus, if you already own a windsurfing set you can store it in our shed. The shed is only accessible by a select part of our members, so it will be save there. As of now we do not provide storage for kitesurfing material, since this is deemed small enough to store at your own room/house.

  • Are there other activities than just surfing?

Yes definitely! There are bi-weekly Borrels, (freely translated: drinks, but we refuse to call them that) in the Bierprofessor, and of course, there are fun weekends four or five times a year. In the winter we have, besides the Borrels, an activity every month, so you don’t have to be bored! Furthermore, we join in on bigger student activities such as the “van Lint week” and the Batavierenrace. And we have our GMM (General Members Meeting) so you can bring input and improve our association!

  • Does WETH also do wave surfing?

Normally we do not, but if you are into wave surfing you should definitely try out windsurfing, or try and combine wave surfing with kitesurfing! Are you a wave-surfing fundamentalist? No worries, check out our friends at Avalanche. They are an awesome association that focuses on wave surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.


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