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Our Committees

Activity Committee

This committee provides activities each year and helps the board organize other activities as needed. Think of the annual WETH theme party, Diner Roulette or the Dol Dwaze Dommel Drift!

Financial Committee

We are checking the finances of the association and see whether we agree with the expenses of the board.

IT Committee

Are you familiar with building websites or would like to learn how to? We take care of the WETH website and maintain it.
This year we have decided to build a new and updated website that will be easier to read and understand. Would you like to be part of this ongoing project? Then join the IT-committee!

Kitesurfing Committee

Kiting is becoming more and more popular and also within WETH more and more kiting members are joining. This is good for the association and fun for the members, but to ensure that kiting can continue to grow, things need to be arranged. Are you interested in purchasing and repairing kitesurfing gear or would you like to help organize kiting within WETH? Then come join the kite committee!

Wakeboard Committee

The WakeCo organizes everything around wakeboarding within WETH. We organise the wakeboarding sessions with a big discount, work on our skates and winch and of course other fun wakeboarding activities.

Windsurfing Lessons Committee

Our goal is to give beginners the skills and knowledge to be confident enough to windsurf on their own and join surf trips and challenge themselves!

Windsurfing Material Committee

We repair material or have it professionally repaired. Besides that, we are busy scouring the marketplace and facebook to buy new gear. If you want to learn more about windsurfing gear, the WiMCo is the place to be. No experience is required as you will learn what windsurfing equipment is all about and how to repair it.


This committee takes care of the WETH magazine. The sWETHs is composed of; the weirdest quotes said by our members, to the pink page, where you can find each time the single WETHers looking for love and affection. Furthermore the sWETHs also writes about the activities and what happened. 

Finally, its new role is to take care of the social media from WETH and post photos, video and other awesome content illustrating WETH’s activities!!