Sunday Funday@ Slufter, January 26th 2020

At the beginning of the week the wind for Sunday seemed quite promising and a good big Whatsapp group was started. Though getting closer to this day, the wind prediction was changing (of course) and the windsurfers lost their interest. Still there was a group of 6 kitesurfers with some sparkles of hope on wind and because of the high tide late in the afternoon it didn’t seem so bad to go. After some got a good night sleep and some maybe less sleep, we all gathered at the WETH hok to gather our stuff and pack it in the SSC Van.
We arrived a little early, because according to the predictions we had still more than half an hour to get ready for the first waterstart. Kites from size 9-18m2 were doing their best on the water, but thanks to the upcoming tide, the current and the absence of the wind, all kitesurfers washed up on the beach.
So we decided to wait a little longer on the beach and enjoy the sun and struggles of the people on the water, while trying a new game invented by Dirk. I still don’t know the rules, but I know I definitely lost many times. While playing around, suddenly the wind direction shifted a little and getting stronger. Kites all around us were launched and we were running towards our kites! No time to lose!
Now it was the moment for WETH to shine and do(/practice) some jumps, backrolls, frontrolls, board grabs and some nice riding on the water. Since Dirk only brought a 10m2 (I guess he wasn’t awake enough yet to bring along his 15m2), he started on filming Sven’s backrolls and Natalia’s jumps. Later also Chris, Sim and Remi joined the scene. The camera was exchanged between riders, so everyone got some nice shots of their tricks.
Happy with the wind and conditions we got in the end we left the water. If it wasn’t getting dark we maybe had played a little longer.
Now it was time to return to Eindhoven, but not before we all enjoyed some (and Sven quite a lot of) KFC. In the end a nice and sunny day!