What is WETH


We are E.S.W.V. WETH, which stands for Eindhovense Studenten Windsurf Vereniging Windsurfing Eindhoven Technische Hogeschool. 

What do we do? Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Wakeboarding! That’s not all, we are also very good at BBQing, doing drinks, going on weekends, socializing, chilling, winter activities like snowboarding, ice skating, winter BBQing and so on. 

Is it possible to wind- and/or kitesurf in Eindhoven? Yes, if there is enough wind we have water nearby where we do the intro courses. However, for the real thing, we set off to the sea or the bigger lakes, such as Brouwersdam, Grevelingen or Horst.

Our association is open for beginners, advanced and pro-surfers. We have all sorts of materials that are free for members to lend. For beginners, we organize intro courses where you learn the basics, and as soon as there is wind, the WhatsApp groups get spammed with the question of who is joining for a ride to the wind and the water! Rides are taken care of and as a member, you can always take the trailer with you for all your gear.

What is more, there are biweekly Borrels, (freely translated: drinks, but we refuse to call them that), and of course there are fun weekends four or five times a year. In the winter we have, besides the Borrels, an activity every month, so you don’t have to be bored! And we have our ALV, (translation: General Meeting) so you can bring input and improve our association!

Last but not least, we don’t bite! So if you’re interested, you are very welcome to join us on a Borrel, weekend or intro course! You can contact us via Mail or Instagram and we will respond to you asap.

Hang Loose,


What do you get as a member?
Check out our sign up page

Where can you find us?
On the water everywhere in the Netherlands! Sometimes however also on our bi-weekly social drink at our favorite bar 'de Bierprofessor' (every even week's Tuesday from 9 P.M.). But generally, everywhere where the wind blows. For example Brouwersdam, Veerse Meer and de Slufter (Maasvlakte).

How much does it cost?
That depends on what kind of member you want to become. Check out the table below for all the options.

Interested? Write an email to secretaris@eswvweth.nl and check out our Facebook page. If you want to become a member, fill out this form.