Klassement Koffie punten
 1- Veerle 32
 2- Anne 29
 3- Floor 28
 4- Sim 16
 5- Leon 15
 6- Lucas 12
 7- Pleunie 9
 8- Jasper B 7
 9- Thom 6
 10- Vincent 5
 11- Jasper O 4
 12- Chris / Mirthe 3
 13- Ijsbrand / Dirk / Marco / Dries 2
 14 - Laura vH / Sven 1

The week started with a competition of Tchouckbal. The WETH team showed a lot of motivation and speed. Unfortunately the second part of the evening was cancelled. The WETH team was suppose to play Rolstoelbasketbal. However, the wheelchairs weren’t delivered on time. 

Day 2 of the Van Lint week, was composed of Twister XL and Kanopolo. For the first game, the WETH team fought his way up to the second place. Afterwards, they fought for there place at the quarterfinal of Kanopolo, taking place on Thursday.

Day 3 started with a game of Knotsbal. Continued by a competition of Trefbal, were the WETH team made it through to the final on Thursday.

Day 4, the last day. For the first part of the evening the WETH team followed the Assault Course. Moreover they did their on the Dodgball final, and the Kanopolo final. Unfortunately didn’t win any prizes this year. But that didn’t stop our members of having an awesome night at the Van lint week closing party!!! 

The cold winter is not stoping us from having some sick wind/Kitesurfing session, and neither is it going to stop our delicious BBQs. 
The evening started with some beer drinking and enjoying the cosy environment of our favourite bar, the Bierprofessor, meanwhile the board was preparing a delicious food on the barbecue. 
Then, the magic word was pronounced; … “VLEES!!!”and everyone got up and rushed to the barbecue. We had a good time enjoying the meal, sitting around the tables and bar, talking and laughing. And as the finishing touch, we ate the Brownie made to celebrate the 19th birthday of our “penningmeester”. It was fun!!

After a delicious dinner at Gemini’s canteen, and the presentation of the committees, we all took our bikes and headed towards the mysterious new members’s activity. Everyone was pleasantly surprised when they discovered that the activity would be an Escape room located at the end of Strip S! After some group formation, the teams where ready to tackle the challenge. But only one group was fast enough, and won the delicious price, THE BEACH BOYS ! 

We finished the evening having some drinks at our usual bar The Bierprofessor, enjoying the rest of night with an amazing company.