Na een geweldig Introweekend vol leuke ervaringen en een relatief goede wind, nodigt het bestuur jullie uit om deel te nemen aan het OKTOBERWEEKEND ! Het is van 18 tot 20 oktober. 

We begrijpen dat het voor sommigen van jullie misschien een beetje koud is maar maak je geen zorgen, we zullen genoeg bier hebben om je warm te houden, en er kan zelfs een mobiele jacuzzi zijn, je weet maar nooit. Sowieso zullen we heerlijk gaan windsurfen, kitesurfen en een geweldige BBQ hebben. 

Schrijf je in via de volgende link:


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Don’t you love WINDSURFING, KITESURFING, WAKEBOARDING or just the relaxed vibes of bbq after surfing?

Or are you new, have you never tried or are you curious about the sports?

Then WETH, Eindhoven Student Surfing association will be the place to be next year!

We organise several surfing weekends, BBQs and winter activities during the year. Are you beginner? Don’t worry we will teach you how to surf during the weekends!

Are you intermediate or pro? We have enough equipment for you to improve your skills. After surfing or when there is not enough wind we find each other to hang out and have fun.

Curious about WETH or surfing? Join us on our Introductionweekend, 20th-22nd of September. Surfing clinics, campsite, BBQ, Beer, sun and games included!

Subscribe by filling in the form through the following link:

After the summer we will be back to welcome the newest students on the 19th of August at the Limbopad on the TU/e near the blackbox theatre. Come visit us here to get to know us, we are also giving workshops during this introduction week, feel free to join and get to know us! You can also subscribe to the introduction weekend, follow our Facebook page ESWV WETH or add WETH best (bestuur) as your friend in order to subscribe soon. 

Link can be found here!

A few days or weeks before you are all off to beautiful or amazing destinations, we hope you all get to surf as much as you would like to. In the mean time a lot of us will be home during these weeks, are you in the mood for BBQ'ing, working out together, having a beer or anything else, just ask in the group chat!