15th of May – First wakeboard session of the year

The first Wakeboard session of 2017! With only a partially filled van (you could have joined) 2,5 windsurfers and 3,5 kiters we drove off to Cablepark Kempervennen. Not being able to avoid the gateman, we had to pay a €5,- parking ticket.
After a cozy change in the dressing room we went off the to the wakeboard course. Only Gijs en Linus required a minor explanation to refresh their memory, the others went off immediately. Everyone had their own clear goals for the day; landing one of the kickers (George and Sim), making a jumpstart (Gijs) or standing one entire round (Chairman).
Maybe it was because of the light breeze or the warming sunshine, but all of the goals were achieved! It took some effort and a couple of failures, but in the end everyone got a round of applause at least once!
At the end of the one and a half hour session, it became even more ‘gezellig’. The two only available showers ran overtime to provide enough water for our altogether shower session.
We are already looking forward to the next session!
George, Gijs, IJsbrand, Jordi, Linus and Sim.